A Brief History:

Lighter Fluid is an event that started in Los Angeles  by EOTR and 86inka in 2022 that celebrates the rich history of Latino contributions to the hip hop genre and provides a platform for up-and-coming artists to showcase their talent. Founded in a city that is a hub for music and culture, we believe that this event has the potential to bring together a diverse group of people and promote a positive and inclusive message. We believe in curating the best music and networking experience possible. Our goal is to spark a fire in the scene and provide a space for new and exciting talent to shine. Can't pay to be on this line up. 


LF5 Recap

Lighter Fluid 5

Los Angeles 3/4/23

Lighter Fluid 4

Los Angeles 9/4/22

LF4 Media Day Cypher

Lighter Fluid 3

Los Angeles 6/25/22

LF3 Recap

Lighter Fluid 2

Los Angeles 4/16/22


Lighter Fluid 1

Los Angeles 3/4/22